Saturday, August 21, 2010

Latin Bass reveals weak intonation on fretless: part 2

Tonight, I am continuing with my intonation work, by:

1. by playing perfect fifths as well as octaves.
- If I am in the key of Eb, then I play Eb and Bb (a perfect fifth above), as well as Eb and Eb (one octave lower).
2. working in the circle of fifths, instead of playing scales up and down one string.
- Since we are working perfect fifths, I feel free to jump from note to note using the circle of fifths. So from Eb, I jump to Bb, then F, then C, and so on.
3. adding a half-barre using the third and fourth fingers.
- Since Latin bass playing uses many roots, fifths, and octaves, I want to minimize my intonation issues by barring the upper-fifth and octave with either my third or fourth fingers. I simply take my study of octaves and fifths, and barre them with one finger. I notice that I get a better note on the high G string, if I place my first joint right over the string, instead of the fleshy part of the finger. I also notice a greater amount of tension in my hand, and must consciously slow down, and relax.

Here is the link to part 1 of this series:

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