Sunday, August 29, 2010

Bass - Right hand technique

My right hand technique is finally solidifying.

1. My thumb sticks out, (in a relaxed manner), to the left of the hand, and either
  a. Rests on the E string, when playing on the A string.
  b. Is wedged between the E and A string to dampen them, while playing on the D or G string.
  c. Rests in the air, when playing on the E string.

2. I have two plucking configurations:
  a. Pluck with index, middle, and anular fingers, unless on the G string.
  b. When on the G string, pluck with the index and middle finger, while resting the anular finger on the D string for dampening purposes.

3. I rest my hand just a little to the front, (between the bridge and neck pickups), of the bridge pick-up, so that all my fingers, (including the anular), hit the string ahead of the pickup body. I feel I get a fuller sound from that area of the string.

What other ideas do you have?

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