Thursday, September 30, 2010

Bag's Groove - Miles Davis

I was transcribing Bag's Groove last night, and wanted to cheat to get the form quickly. This forum thread gave me the chord chart, and had a nice discussion on blues form for beginners:
This also lead me to check into Percy Heath a little more:

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lasting Influences

My musical tastes change daily, and I find that I rarely return to any artist more than a handful of times. The following is a list of artists who I still enjoy after years of listening, (in no particular order):

  • Michael Tait - esp. DC Talk's Free At Last and Jesus Freak, _and_ Tait's Empty. I think Michael Tait is hands-down the best rock-n-roll voice out there.
  • Lincoln Brewster - All to You... Live and Today is the Day. This guy has the best guitar tone, (on a Line 6 POD X3 Live even :-\), and tasty licks!
  • King's X - I have been a King's X fan since Faith, Hope, Love, and they are still my band of choice for tasty hard rock.
  • Brave Combo - one of the best local bands anywhere. They define Texas music for me, combining Afro-Cuban, Rock, Polka, (and more!) in a style all their own.
  • Weird Al Yankovic - I must admit that I am probably more a fan of Weird Al than I was as a kid. (Hard to believe!) I still tend towards his early albums, ('Weird Al' Yankovic, and Dare to be stupid), but still find myself listening to his discography for days at a time.
  • James Brown - Need I say more? Always great for working out :)
  • Russ Taff - The other most amazing voice in popular music right now. I recommend Russ Taff, The Way Home, and Under Their Influence Vol. 1, but I really like his Imperials work as well. ('I listen to the trumpet of Jesus', anyone?).
  • The Beatles - This one surprised me, since I hadn't listened to them in years, but after hearing Abbey Road earlier this year, I was hooked. They are never in tune, and they flub about as much as Miles Davis, but, man!, can they right a catchy tune. I recommend anything from Rubber Soul on, (which makes me wonder if The Beatles actually wrote most of these later albums, or if someone was in the shadows...)
  • Gordon Kennedy - Gordon Kennedy is mostly a studio musician and songwriter now, but he has the most scrumptious guitar sounds I have ever heard, (except one). I recommend Whiteheart's Freedom, or Dogs of Peace.
  • James Hollihan Jr. - The only guitar tone that has ever made my knees weak, (ever!). He was playing a Fender Thinline through a Fender Twin, (or Super Reverb), and I would have fallen over if the crowd wasn't holding me up. Really an unsung hero, and almost always associated with high school(?) friend Russ Taff, he doesn't even have a wikipedia page, (maybe I should start one!), nor a web site.

Notable omissions from this list, (for anyone who knew me when...):

  • Petra - I was Mr. Petra in high school, but something happened after Bob left the band, and I could never reconnect with them. If I listen to them at all anymore it is usually, Come and Join Us, or anything from Never Say Die to On Fire! (chronologically-speaking).
  • Whitecross - The only Whitecross album that I listen to now is Equilibrium.
  • Geoff Moore and the Distance - I'll never forget setting up for Geoff Moore at Montana State, but I only really listen to Foundations anymore.
  • Phil Keaggy - I have always wanted to love, love, love Phil Keaggy, but the only way I really dig Phil Keaggy is via YouTube videos. That guy is a monster!!

BOSS GT-6B for sale

For sale: BOSS GT-6B for $175.

This pedal is in great shape, and comes with the original power supply and manual. I have only used it in my non-smoking music room for headphone practice.

Here is a link to the Boss GT-6B product page with description:

Here is the link to my Craigslist posting:

Yamaha RFX520FZ guitar for sale

I am looking to sell my Yamaha RGX520FZ for $250. This is the translucent red version. The neck is straight, the intonation is right-on all over the neck, and there are no dead-spots. I bought the guitar new last November, and it has around 100 hours of playing time. There is no buckle rash, and no real pick markings on the front. The sound is great as well, as I can get a Mark Farner Grand Funk "grungy" sound, and a Lincoln Brewster, sparkly strat sound. I am looking to unload this to upgrade to a 1986 MIJ Fender Stratocaster :)

Here is a link to the product page:

"Yamaha's new RGX series embodies hard-edge design and ultimate playability. The new RGX520FZ and RGX320FZ are Yamaha's first true double-cutaway set neck guitars with features and appointments typically found only on custom guitars. The RGX320FZ features an elegant carved top with body binding, a mahogany neck with a bound rosewood fingerboard, 3-D headstock design, two Yamaha humbucking pickups, and chrome hardware with Yamaha's signature tailpieces. The RGX520FZ upgrades to a gorgeous figured maple top on a solid mahogany body, a custom inlay at the 12th fret, and beautiful translucent finishes."

Here is the link to my Craigslist posting: