Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lasting Influences

My musical tastes change daily, and I find that I rarely return to any artist more than a handful of times. The following is a list of artists who I still enjoy after years of listening, (in no particular order):

  • Michael Tait - esp. DC Talk's Free At Last and Jesus Freak, _and_ Tait's Empty. I think Michael Tait is hands-down the best rock-n-roll voice out there.
  • Lincoln Brewster - All to You... Live and Today is the Day. This guy has the best guitar tone, (on a Line 6 POD X3 Live even :-\), and tasty licks!
  • King's X - I have been a King's X fan since Faith, Hope, Love, and they are still my band of choice for tasty hard rock.
  • Brave Combo - one of the best local bands anywhere. They define Texas music for me, combining Afro-Cuban, Rock, Polka, (and more!) in a style all their own.
  • Weird Al Yankovic - I must admit that I am probably more a fan of Weird Al than I was as a kid. (Hard to believe!) I still tend towards his early albums, ('Weird Al' Yankovic, and Dare to be stupid), but still find myself listening to his discography for days at a time.
  • James Brown - Need I say more? Always great for working out :)
  • Russ Taff - The other most amazing voice in popular music right now. I recommend Russ Taff, The Way Home, and Under Their Influence Vol. 1, but I really like his Imperials work as well. ('I listen to the trumpet of Jesus', anyone?).
  • The Beatles - This one surprised me, since I hadn't listened to them in years, but after hearing Abbey Road earlier this year, I was hooked. They are never in tune, and they flub about as much as Miles Davis, but, man!, can they right a catchy tune. I recommend anything from Rubber Soul on, (which makes me wonder if The Beatles actually wrote most of these later albums, or if someone was in the shadows...)
  • Gordon Kennedy - Gordon Kennedy is mostly a studio musician and songwriter now, but he has the most scrumptious guitar sounds I have ever heard, (except one). I recommend Whiteheart's Freedom, or Dogs of Peace.
  • James Hollihan Jr. - The only guitar tone that has ever made my knees weak, (ever!). He was playing a Fender Thinline through a Fender Twin, (or Super Reverb), and I would have fallen over if the crowd wasn't holding me up. Really an unsung hero, and almost always associated with high school(?) friend Russ Taff, he doesn't even have a wikipedia page, (maybe I should start one!), nor a web site.

Notable omissions from this list, (for anyone who knew me when...):

  • Petra - I was Mr. Petra in high school, but something happened after Bob left the band, and I could never reconnect with them. If I listen to them at all anymore it is usually, Come and Join Us, or anything from Never Say Die to On Fire! (chronologically-speaking).
  • Whitecross - The only Whitecross album that I listen to now is Equilibrium.
  • Geoff Moore and the Distance - I'll never forget setting up for Geoff Moore at Montana State, but I only really listen to Foundations anymore.
  • Phil Keaggy - I have always wanted to love, love, love Phil Keaggy, but the only way I really dig Phil Keaggy is via YouTube videos. That guy is a monster!!

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