Wednesday, November 30, 2011

What model of 2003 USA Telecaster is this?

I just bought this 2003 Fender (made in USA) Telecaster from Guitar Center as an 'American Standard', and I don't believe that it is. The serial number is Z30XXXXX. It is a beautiful guitar, but the inconsistencies are:

1. the neck plate is plain, (no logo).
2. no tilt adjust on the neck. 
3. the bridge has no logo or engraving
4. the saddles are a bright chrome, as opposed to the brushed finish on most of the American Standards that I have seen.

I thought it may be a HWY 1, but it has a lacquer finish, and most HWY 1s also have the logo neck plate, right?

Any help that you may provide would be greatly appreciated.