Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hydrogen Drum Machine on Windows - load sound libraries

I was having issues importing drum libraries into Hydrogen for Windows, and found this great posting How To Add New Drum Kits To The Hydrogen Drum Sequencer (Without Tearing Your Hair Out).

I think this is simpler now, so am including the following instructions:
 $ cd /c/Program Files (x86)/Hydrogen/data/drumkits/ 
 $ mv ~/Downloads/GSCW-2.h2drumkit .
 $ tar xzvf GSCW-2.h2drumkit

I then restarted Hydrogen and GSCW-1 and GSCW-2 were available in my sound library.

The only note that I would add is that you will need a tar for Windows, (ie or, as h2drumkit files are compressed tar files.

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