Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Strat - great instructions for setting up your two pivot floating trem

This video helped me get my floating trem setup on my Fat Strat. I have a two pivot tremolo, and have always played with the tremolo snugged flush to the body of my strat. After watching a video by Carl Verheyen about how he sets up his tremolo and has no tuning issues when using the 'whang' bar:

I was intrigued. I especially liked the fact that he mentioned that with his method you could raise the pitch a minor third on the G string, a major second on the B, and a half-step on the E string. I thought it would be great to have these predefined pitches when I pulled up on the bar. Mr. Verheyen's video didn't go over specifics, so I did another search on youtube, and found, "How To Set up a Strat Floating Tremolo | Two Pivots Tremolo | Whammy Bar", by Luthier Galeazzo Frudua:

Fantastic little method. Even a beginner 'whang'-er like me can do some Jeff Beck-style, in tune melodic work:

You can too!