Thursday, March 29, 2012

Nut Lubrication

I was having tuning issues with my Fender American Standard Telecaster, and Felix from Groth Music in Bloomington recommended putting some 3-in-1 oil on there, and on the bridge to keep the strings from catching. I live in a small town, so couldn't find any 3-in-1 oil, so I settled for gun oil. So there, I said it, I can recommend gun oil for all of your nut and saddle lubrication needs :)

Yamaha BB425X

Big fan of the Yamaha BB425X!

I'm surprised that more people aren't picking these up!  It has 17mm string spacing (?), is made in Indonesia, and 34" scale (for the low B). Wow! throw your preconceived notions out the door. This thing is solid, the pickups are hot, the sound growls, (actually will probably still go back to the Jazz Bass for more sensitive tunes). Only problem so far: the B may waver a bit, and the first five frets on the low B show flat, while the rest of the B string shows in tune. Hope it just needs a new set of strings. (and, no, I'm not selling them :) )

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Yamaha TRB 5 II

I have an clean, low-end machine here. 

Made in Japan Yamaha TRB 5 II 35" 5 string, two octave neck bass with two active single coil pickups, 3-band EQ, volume and fader knobs. It plays in-tune all over the neck, and stays in-tune. The low-B is clear, and the bass has a great Yamaha active sound, (hi-fi, clear, and rumbly). I particularly like the P-type sound that I can get from it, but also like the balance of the slap sound with some of the mids cut. It has 18.5mm string spacing at the bridge, which is close enough to a Jazz bass spacing to be comfortable for slapping. 

original hardshell case included.

1. The bass EQ knob has been replaced with a non-standard knob, but is fully-functional and solid
2. There is a nick on the body, (see pictures).
3. There is a nick on the headstock, (see pictures).
4. There are some lines in the paint on the back by the neck screws, (see pictures).

All of these are cosmetic and do not interfere with playability, sound, or functionality.

Pics can be found here: 

Let me know if you are interested!